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Writing Assignment 1 - 2027 Words

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary Writing Assignment 1 A paper submitted to Dr. Rick Garner In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Discipleship Ministries DSMN 500 By Hershel L. Kreis, Jr. November 4, 2012 Toano, Virginia INTRODUCTION While there are those who may be uncomfortable with the idea that worship is a goal in making disciples, the goal of Christian education according to Mitchell is to make a disciple who worships Jesus. Mitchell points out that worship is more than just showing up at church on Sunday morning for an hour of corporate worship. He points out that worship according to John 4:19 -24 goes much deeper than just that time of corporate worship that we often think of as†¦show more content†¦A second way is when someone starts the process of becoming a disciple or being a disciple, such as in Matthew 27:57 or Luke 14:26-27. Lastly, there are those who are referred to as disciples that only occasionally followed Jesus, such as those in Matthew 8:21. Samra summarizes discipleship succinctly by saying that it is the â€Å"process of becoming like Christ.† A one on one discipling relationship allows for the greatest accountability and requires the greatest amount of trust on the part of both individuals. This type of discipleship often is the strongest and most effective to achieve true spiritual growth. While it is quite easy to evade issues that may be struggles in your life while listening to expository preaching or in a Sunday school setting, it is almost impossible when in a one-on-one relationship with another Christian. As a result of the trust that has been developed in the course of the relationship and the permission given by both parties to ask the tough questions of each other, there is no escaping the immense amount of learning that can produce a great deal of spiritual maturity in a new Christian. While the goal of Christian education and discipleship is spiritual formation of the new believer into a true disciple who makes other true disciples, this concept has been watered down in the American church today by emphasis on programs instead of progressive spiritual growth in every member’s life. There are manyShow MoreRelatedWriting Assignment 1 Essay2049 Words   |  9 Pages LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY Writing Assignment 1 – Christ in Discipleship Submitted to Dr. Buddy R. Lowman, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of the course DSMN 500-D11 Discipleship Ministries by 10/27/201 INTRODUCTION Christ is the central person in Christian discipleship. Without Christ, Christianity would not exist and there would be no followers of Christ. To be true followers of Christ, believersRead Morebiol 1209 writing assignment 1 Essay948 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿BIOL 1209 Writing Assignment 1 Cover Sheet I certify that the writing in this assignment is my individual work and is my sole intellectual property. It does not contain the ideas, or writing of other individuals/authors. Author ___________________________ Date ___________________ Lab Instructor ____________________ Lab Section # ____________ The Change in Allele Frequency of the Male Cichlid Fish Population General Research Question: Lake Malawi’s cichlidRead MoreBusiness Law-201 Writing Assignment 12057 Words   |  9 PagesLizbeth Gerena Business Law 201 Writing Assignment 1 Prof. Benichou May 3, 2015 Case Study 1 Crime: The students at Gigantic State University (GSU) committed several crimes when they decided to take over Dunfee Hall. The most dangerous was the assault with a deadly weapon (firearm). Whether it was real or just a play gun it was used to represent a real gun. The victim thought it toRead MoreResearch, Writing Civil Litigation   Assignment 1 Essay688 Words   |  3 PagesPLG-108-1309: Legal Research, Writing Civil Litigation   Assignment 1 (based on classes 1 and 2):  Question For the first assignment, try these short questions involving legal research:   1. Please enter the correct citation for the Supreme Court case of Lamb against California, which was decided on January 7, 1963 and is recorded on page 234 of volume 371 in the United States Reporter. Lamb V. California, 371 U. S. 234 (1963). 2. Please list all of the courts whose decisions are  binding  uponRead MoreHr Healthcare Organization Module 1 Writing Assignment1452 Words   |  6 Pages HR IN HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATION-MODULE 1 WRITING ASSIGNMENT Potla Siva Krishna Missouri State Universityâ€Æ' HR in Healthcare Organizations-Module 1 Writing Assignment 1. Which of the specific environmental and organizational HR challenges will be most important in healthcare in the next 20 years? You may use your own experience or information from other healthcare executives in your answer? The role of the Human Resource Manager is evolving with the change in competitive market environmentRead MoreDocx949 Words   |  4 PagesInternational University – HCMC Department of English IE2 READING WRITING 1. Course Statistics : 120 periods (8 credits) Number of instruction weeks : 10 Number of sessions : 30 Number of sessions per week :3 Number of periods per session 2. Pre-requisite Number of periods :4 Students who achieved IE1 course score 50 or scored from 35-60 on the Placement Test are required to take this course. 3. Learning outcome Students who have successfully completedRead MorePol 300 Week 5 Assignment 1 New Strayer1086 Words   |  5 PagesPOL 300 WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT 1 NEW STRAYER To purchase this visit following link Contact us at: SUPPORT@ACTIVITYMODE.COM POL 300 WEEK 5 ASSIGNMENT 1 NEW STRAYER POL/300 Assignment 1 – The Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy Select a president from the table, â€Å"Presidents and Their ‘ Doctrines,’† in Roskin, Chapter 4. Then write a 3-5 page paper on the doctrine that president used according to Roskin. Your research must includeRead MoreAssignment 1 Acc 100 Careers in Accounting1553 Words   |  7 PagesASSIGNMENT 1 ACC 100 CAREERS IN ACCOUNTING To purchase this tutorial visit here: contact us at: ACC 100 ASSIGNMENT 1 CAREERS IN ACCOUNTING Assignment 1: Careers in Accounting Due Week 8 and worth 240 points Accounting is the study of how businesses track their income and assets over time. Accountants engage in a wide variety of activities besides preparing financial statements and recording businessRead MoreBmgt 364 Assignment 2 Mini-Management Plan Essay1075 Words   |  5 PagesBMGT 364 Assignment 2 Mini-Management Plan Click Link Below To Buy: Purpose: In the second assignment, students will complete a mini-management plan that demonstrates how an organization operates on a day-to-day basis as well as over the long run. This assignment helps students develop the skills necessary to assess a management situation and to write a report based on the findings A management plan is a report thatRead MoreAshford MAT 222 WEEK 1 TO 5 Essay1280 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Ashford MAT 222 WEEK 1 TO 5 Week 1, Assignment, Solving Proportions Read the following instructions in order to complete this assignment: 1. Solve problem 56 on page 437 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. Set up the two ratios and write your equation choosing an appropriate variable for the bear population. 2. Complete problem 10 on page 444 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. Show all steps in solving the problem and explain what you are doing as you go along

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