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What were the Primary Reasons for the Fall of Rome

What Were the Primary Reasons for the â€Å"Fall† of Rome? By 200 BC, Rome was quickly becoming one of the world’s greatest empires with their excellent military conquering territory from modern day Scotland to Spain. After the Punic Wars and the defeat of Carthage, Rome had full control of the Mediterranean region, establishing colonies in North Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, and Asia Minor. Julius Caesar became Rome’s first emperor using his military influence. Under his reign, Rome shifted from a republic to an empire under the rule of an emperor and the military. Rome steadily increased in stability, power, and wealth, reaching Pax Romana (the time of Roman peace) under Emperor Augustus Caesar. Rome was forced to discover, as many other†¦show more content†¦These Germanic soldiers were not loyal to Rome and were therefore not as motivated to keep Rome afloat. Because of the undersized, lethargic Roman military and its aggressive opposition, Rome wa s very much open to foreign invasions. By the fifth century, the â€Å"powerhouse of the Mediterranean† was struggling to protect itself with its decreased population, apathetic military, and leaders with debauched morals. Outside of the Roman Empire, Germanic tribes took notice of the internal chaos and began invading the empire’s borders. Many of the tribes were cruel and combative, such as the Huns. The Huns â€Å"exceed any definition of savagery† and were â€Å"fired with an overwhelming desire for seizing the property of others, these swift-moving and ungovernable people make their destructive way amid the pillage and slaughter of those who live around them.† (Document D, excerpts about an Asian tribe called the Huns from Roman History by Ammianus Marcellinus). Roman soldiers would have had a challenge ahead of them if they had to deal with the Huns at the height of the Roman military, let alone having to fight them when their numbers were depleted and motivation running low. The Huns played a large part in minimizing what little hope Rome had of reviving itself into the Mediterranean-dominating empire it once was. Many other tribes followed the Huns example and invaded Rome at its borders. Document C, a map created from various sources,Show MoreRelatedThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1419 Words   |  6 Pagesof extensive political and social structures throughout western civilization. How did this empire fall and were internal factories responsible? Slow occurrences in succession to one another led to the fall of the empire rather than one single event. The fall of the Roman Empire was a combination of both internal and external pressures, not just one, leading up to the complete decay of the cities—Rome and Constantinople. However, one could argue how one factory played a more important role than theRead MoreEssay about The Fall of the Roman Empire1275 Words   |  6 PagesThe Fall of the Roman Empire A reason that leads to Romes inability to remain self-sustaining as an Empire was its lack of technology. Technological advance did not increase at a rate proportional to the increase of the people per square mile. This lead to the inability of the Romans to become self-sustaining. Once again the slave trade was a reason that their technology levels failed to increase. The bulk of work done in the Roman Empire was always carried out by the slaves. This providedRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire987 Words   |  4 Pagesresearch I wanted to look into what influences I found important in the fall of Rome. After reading the fall of the Roman Empire by Peter Heather I found the relationship between the Britain and Roman Empire filled with several issues that started the fall of Rome in my opinion. I had difficulty in the beginning of my research exploring what dealings in ancient Rome I found problematic for leadership in Britain and culture change that evidence directly affect s the fall of Roman control in Britain.Read MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1430 Words   |  6 Pages While the fall of the Roman Empire is well known, the exact causes of why it fell can be difficult to pinpoint. Many historians believe that Rome s downfall was due to poor leadership, weakened economics, or perhaps a combination of the two along with other seemingly unrelated factors. However, there is a string of evidence suggesting that there were three main components that took place to bring about the fall of the Roman Empire. These determinant attributes did not happen all at once, and thereRead MoreThe Importance Of Ancient Rome1243 Words   |  5 Pagespropose that this place is of course ancient Rome. Rome was a strong ancient empire of the past, one of the first to rule the ancient world. why, you ask? Well, there are three reasons to support my thinking. First, some animals would still exist, like the North African elephant and the Syrian lion. This has significance to our culture because we would use them in for resources or for other reasons. Second, we got our violent tinge from the entertainment of Rome . How would you feel if you could not watchRead MoreEssay about History of the Eartly Christian Church1231 Words   |  5 Pagesnumerically, thrived. Councils were held, doctrine developed, and great strides were taken in order to have Christianity be one catholic church. However, in the next couple centuries, the church would grow apart and rulers would fall resulting in mass turmoil throughout the Western Empire. The Roman Catholic Church (as it would later be called) used these events to secure its grip over the entire western empire. In the western half of the once great Roman Empire, Rome, along with the surrounding territoriesRead MoreThe Triumph of Christianity in the Roman Empire Essays560 Words   |  3 Pagesfrom being persecuted to dominating Rome rather quickly. In a world where separation between church and state does not exist, a Christian becoming the sole emperor of Rome symbolized a huge turning point in history. The power switched and the Pagans in turn became persecuted. Christians rose up and took control of all aspects of Roman society. The Pagan past was destroyed, banned, or forgotten about. Those Christians that did not agree with how things were being run either left the empire andRead MoreThe Fall Of The Roman Empire1316 Words   |  6 Pagesthings that once made the empire great could be the sole reasons for its decline? There are substantial reasons as to why the empire fell. Constant occurrences in succession from another—whether internal or external—led to the fall r ather than one single event. The fall of the Roman Empire was a combination of both internal and external pressures, however, the purpose of this paper is to identify the internal factories that resulted in the fall of the Roman Empire. The Huns and the End of the RomanRead MoreRise of the Roman Republic Essay953 Words   |  4 PagesROMAN REPUBLIC Rome became a powerful empire engulfing much of Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia and what seemed like this great entity called the Romans were always in the search of more territory and land to conquer and assimilate into their ever growing vast empire. However, this was not always the case, before Rome became one of the greatest empires in all of history, Rome was a republic. They were government consisted of a Senate who much like our countryRead MoreThe Causes And Fall Of The Han And The Roman Empire1065 Words   |  5 PagesThroughout history, there were various empires which developed into great, powerful forces. These empires expanded their lands to new places but, these empires ultimately came to an end. Amongst these great empires, were the Han and the Roman empire. Both were great in power but, due to political, social, and economic causes, they came to an end. Although they do partake in the equal shares of corruption and problems with the military, they also had fa ir shares of differences, regarding their declines

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