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Safety community care plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Safety community care plan - Essay Example They should be allowed to excel and strive to achieve their goals. Be able to reside and work in their chosen location and field as long as they are qualified for the job (Pamela J. Salsberry, 2003. Page Number: 39). They are usually part of a family belonging to a cultural group, living within a community or region of their choice. The environment can be open or closed. It can contribute to the building or endangering of the persons self esteem. One might adapt to the environment depending on one's personal preference. A person might be seen in the eyes of others as the product of their environment that might be interpreted as a negative or a positive statement. Depending on one's interpretation of the statement. Some environments have sub-cultures within the environment. Each group has different beliefs, such as religion, diet, attire, and dialects. The environment sometimes contributes to some medical problems, for example respiratory problems. Nurses unfamiliar with the laws and customs of the environment might need to familiarize themselves with cultural practices. What is appropriate and inappropriate for that culture for example male nurses not allowed to give care to female patients in that environment and vice versa. Nurses might need to observe the environment for safety precautions and life threatening situations. Which will contribute or cause an illness, or preventing recovery. The environment is considered home and that is were the person resides. It is a familiar surrounding for the individual. Health can be defined as freedom from either a mental or physical condition, which impedes one from performing activities of daily living or preventing the person from functioning at their optimum level, for that individual. The person is considered mentally or physically stable or unstable depending on the diagnosis he/she is assigned. Health is when a person is in a state of well-being. The individual has been free of pain and disease. The patient is always the focus; therefore it is called "patient focused care". Health is considered the quality of life, when an individual is independent and able to function without any obstacles of impedement (Jowett, S., 2004, 579-587). 3. Plan In nursing the nurse should be able to critical think, be caring, competent, compassionate and have a conscience according to Roach. Nursing would include, doing a nursing assessment, nursing diagnosis, nursing care plan, and a nursing interventions. Starting with short-term goals, and upon achieving short-term goals for the patient, then proceed to long-term goals. Goals should be realistic. Then evaluate and reassess if the needs arises. Problem solving and treating the patients as human, the same way you would like to be treated. 4. Evaluation The safety of a neighborhood is an important indicator of its overall economic and social health. Neighborhood crime prevention efforts are essential. Safe neighborhoods are necessary to foster common values and community quality of life. Neighborhood crime, on the other hand, creates fear and distrust among

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