Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Personal Narrative - First Football Coach :: Personal Narrative Writing

Personal Narrative - First Football Coach One December morning, right before Christmas break, I was talking with a friend when our football coach came over to talk to us. I really respected and admired my coach and we always got along very well. My coach told us he was leaving Melbourne Central High School to go work in California. I had no idea what to say. I was in utter disbelief I was barely able to mutter a simple "Good Luck". One of my goals for the upcoming year was to have a good football season, just for my coach, because I really felt he deserved it. Most days I would have lunch with the coach where we would talk not only about football but also life and current events. When he left, I lost not only a coach but a friend and mentor. I knew I would always miss him. I did not believe that his departure, however, would threaten my football career or my love of playing. I was wrong. New coaches bring the winds of change. With the new coach came a new philosophy about the team. Everything was different from the color of our uniforms to our positions on the field. I think the best symbol of this is the change from green color helmets to gold. During pre-season conditioning, we got to know the new coaching staff. At the beginning of the season, the team was excited and ready to follow the new coach. But as the season progressed we all realized changes taking place with the new coach were heartbreaking. The new coach affected me as a football player and as a person. The football coach often lied and was very manipulative in his attempts to manage the team, its players and me. The entire season was a difficult one with this new coach and I would often come home upset. I turned to my father for advice and he would remind me to never forget the lessons my previous coach taught me about football and about life. My first coach was a great role-model. He taught me to have the courage to stand by my beliefs and to resist intimidation and manipulation.

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